Flyboard rentals & Lessons all summer long!

Flyboard rentals & Lessons all summer long!Flyboard rentals & Lessons all summer long!Flyboard rentals & Lessons all summer long!

 Ever wanted to fly like a superhero, swim like a dolphin? Get your adrenaline pumping with this popular new watersport!

Rentals In Turkey Point

Our flyboard instructors will have you out of the water and flying around in no time!

Everyone learns to fly their first time out.

Ages 12+

Flyboard rentals in Turkey Point and surrounding area since 2015.

Our team is comprised of some of the country's best riders, offering Flyboard sales, lessons shows and rentals.

Packages We Offer

Solo Flights

Solo Flights

Solo Flights

Flyboard Rental

Looking for an adventure this summer? We have a wide range of Flyboard rental options available. Hour long sessions or 10 minute board demos. What ever fits your needs.


Solo Flights

Solo Flights

Flyboard Memberships and Lessons

New this year is our Frequent Flyers Membership available to all our customers and for our Junior Flyers, we have created the Kids Poseidon Cup (ages 12-16) where we help develop any future all-stars in the sport of Hydro Flight as we prepare for  the 3 Poseidon Cup mini tournaments throughout the summer.


Solo Flights


Bachelor Bachelorette Flyboard Parties
Family Reunions

Let us give you the experience of a life time and the best party of the summer. No matter the occasion, flyboarding will lift your spirits and have you shouting for more. We can accommodate upwards for 20 people per group and have a bunch of options.


Your Dock


Flyboard Events, Flyboard Shows

Get excited if you see us flying around at some locale events. Contact us for details on day shows, night shows and pyrotechnics to really make a statement at your next big event!

Our Dock

Your Dock

Your Dock

Turkey Point Flyboard Rentals

We have a lovely location at the front of the Turkey Point, McDonald Marina. Free parking and a new restaurant "The Jetty" are located here. This location is ideal for larger groups.

Your Dock

Your Dock

Your Dock

Port Dover Flyboard Rentals

Feeling something a bit more intimate with your family and friends. We can send the toys over to your dock and have an instructor teach you to flyboard in the comfort of your own backyard. Some conditions apply*

How It Works

The Gear You Need

First things first before embarking on the adventure of a life time. We need to get geared up and ready to go. All you need to Flyboard is some swimming gear of your own and one of our fitted life jackets to keep you afloat. We always wear a helmet just for safety. And I know we're in Canada so we provide wet-suits if the waters a bit too chilly.

Getting You Ready

Before we jump on the flyboard and start our superhero training out on the open water. We are going to go over some training tips on land first. Make sure we know our feet positions and hand signals so our first stand up on the board goes as smoothly as possible. 


Your finally doing it! Look Ma! No Hands! Awesome job, just keep your head up and stand tall while you take in the best view in Ontario. Feel free to dive like a Dolphin and hover around like Ironman.  We'll know when your ready to go higher and safely take you up and away!


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