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Invented in 2010

 A Flyboard is a hydroflight device that allows riders to soar up to 50 feet into the air, dive into the water like a dolphin, and perform incredible aerial flips and spins. Invented by Franky Zapata in 2010, Flyboarding has quickly become the hottest new water sport on the scene. 

The Sport Today

We've come a long way in the sport of hydroflight since its inception. A top secret event for the Sheikh in Dubai sparked many world series tours to follow. More devices entered the scene but Flyboarding remains the favourite. Most recently the Poseidon Games have just begun. Started out in Australia and ending in Bermuda with a North America stop in-between, not a bad sport to take up this summer.

Top Summer Attraction

Find A Way Flyboarding offers the best one on one coaching and our team of talented flyboard instructors will guarantee you're in for a good time. Make it a priority to come down to Lake Erie this summer. Flyboard rentals in Turkey Point and Port Dover is great fun for the whole family (ages 12 and up). A very easy learning curve. Takes most of our customers 5-10 minutes before having full control, then up we go.

Packages We Offer

Solo Flights

Solo Flights

Solo Flights


  • 10 min Flight - $69
  • 15 min Flight - $89
  • 25 min Flight - $119
  • 30 min Flight - $149


Solo Flights

Solo Flights


1 location memberships 

  • $199 one time fee


  • $1 per minute flight rate

Book online; Simply purchase a membership, receive a code, use that code to flyboard all summer long for $1 per minute


Solo Flights



  • Bitrthday Parties
  • Bachelor/Bachelorette Parties
  • Family Reunions
  • Summer Holidays
  • Corporate Events


Your Dock



Corporate Shows, Music Festivals, Opening/Closing Ceremonies, LED night shows, Pyro, Holidays and just for fun events. 

Contact us for more info.

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Our Dock

Your Dock

Your Dock


Turkey Point

Flyboard Rentals


Small Group (2hrs) - $399

Larger Group (4hrs) - $749

Your Dock

Your Dock

Your Dock


Live on the water and want to bring the party to your own backyard? We have full day and half day packages available to meet your needs. Anywhere from Port Dover to Long Point

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